Winter 2019 Anime Season Preview

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I thought I didn't see anything new to watch this winter season. Turns out I was wrong. Here's six new shows I think are worth your time.

1. My Roommate is a Cat

Studio: Zero-G

Premiere: Jan 9, 2019

Genre: Slice of Life Comedy

An eccentric mystery novelist with writers block adopts a stray cat after it sparks his imagination for a new book.

Subaru is accustomed to living a life of solitude, but his new cat may give him enough of a push to start making real connections.

The story is told from both Subaru & the cat's POV.

Why I Want to Watch: This was recommended to me by a friend over on MAL (hello!).

I think it will be reminiscent of Barakamon (2014) only instead of a child getting the arrogant artist to chill out, it'll be a cat.

2. Endro~!

Studio: Studio Gokumi

Premiere: Jan 13, 2019

Genre: Cute, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Four girls attend adventure school where they train to defeat the Demon King.

The girls are carefree in these school days. Only the Elf Priestess seems to take things seriously. Their ability to succeed despite much effort offers comedy.

Meanwhile, the Demon King has age regressed to become the new teacher at school, in attempt to prevent them from graduating.

Why I Want to Watch: This is sure to be an adorable, light, comedy. I'm hoping for it to land somewhere between New Game! (2016) and Urara Meirochou (2017).

The color pallet of this anime sparks joy for me. Lol. It's similar to Rilu Rilu Fairilu, which is the cutest franchise ever.

3. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Studio: Kinema Citrus

Premiere: Jan 9, 2019

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

The Kingdom of Melromarc is defended by four heroes summoned from alternate versions of Japan. Heros of the sword, spear, bow, and shield.

But this isekai is an antihero story.

Our protagonist is summoned as the Shield Hero, widely regarded as the weakest of the four. He can ONLY use the shield, so he has no attack. This world is NOT happy to have him.

Before his journey can even begin, he is defamed by his only party member who falsely accuses him of sexual assault.

He can't be sent home (because of magical / prophetic, rules) and thus, must remain in Melromarc defending people who believe the slander against him.

Why I Want to Watch: The antihero tone in this isekai seems like it will offer a really interesting conflict in our protagonist.

He seems caught between wanting to watch this world burn in revenge, and his true nature, which is honest & would want to save people. I haven't read the light novels.

4. Love is War

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Premiere: Jan 12, 2019

Genre: Psychological Romantic Comedy

A student council President with Genius level intelligence and a beautiful, wealthy, Vice President claim they are not in love.

Truthfully both has feelings for the other, but neither is willing to make the first move which would lose them the upper hand.

So instead, each put their effort into getting a confession our of the other.

Why I Want to Watch: Honestly I don't even know if I want to watch this. I don't always find arrogant characters funny.

So I'll need episode one to be really funny & cute to convince me to continue.

5. Domestic Girlfriend

Studio: Diomedea

Premiere: Jan 12, 2019

Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life

Natsuo's teenage life is getting complicated. He is in love with his teacher. He also has casual sex with a girl named Rui.

Natsuo's father is getting remarried, landing him with two new stepsisters who just so happen to be Rui & his teacher -- and suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of a domestic love triangle. Or at least, thats what I assume might happen.

Enjoyment of this anime will depend on the personalties of the three main characters, as I'm not sure what the main conflict will be.

Why I Want to Watch: I'm always looking for more romance anime, including more mature stories.

Anime is pretty good in the department of sweet, first love, stories. But once there is physical romance involved some steer straight into detached objectification territory -- which is no longer a romance story.

6. The Morose Mononokean, Season 2

Studio: Pierrot Plus

Premiere: Jan 5, 2019

Genre: Supernatural Comedy

The high school exorcist boys are back for another season!

This series blends high school slice of life with spirit world adventure as Abeno, the exorcist, teaches his new assistant Ashiya how to help yokai.

They don't exorcise yokai to help humans, but to help yokai who can't get to the spirit world on their own.

This angle of 'Yokai are just misunderstood' is fun & can really make you feel for them.

Why I Want to Watch: I really enjoyed season one of this spirit world, monster of the week, adventure.

What are you watching this season?

Thanks for reading!


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