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Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Rating: 5/5

Categorization: Fantasy, Rebellion

Length: 647 pages

Plan to continue the series: YES!

I feel like, by this point, nearly everyone who is interested in books knows that the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson is really really good.  Maybe even fantastic.  The world building is comprehensive, the story is immersive, and the characters are highly memorable, but at the end of the day, it is not the only series out there that has been labeled a "Must Read".  And it is for this reason that there are still plenty of people who have not read it. I know.  I used to be one of them.  Why?  Well I don't know exactly, but considering that there's plenty to read, not much time, and just how long this book is, some of us have gotten caught dragging our feet with this series.

I realize now that nobody actually ever tried to "sell" Mistborn to me.  Instead, I got plenty of passionate and enthusiastic people saying:

  1. "Just read it--its so good"

  2. "The Dark Lord won"

  3. "There's a heist"

  4. "The magic system is cool.  It uses metals"

Annnd that's about it.  Unfortunately, that information, while all being true, did not spark an intense amount of interest in me to invest my time in this series.  Ultimately, what made me finally pick it up was Brandon Sanderson himself.  I really love the way he speaks about writing and his process, as well as, his passion to teach writing.

I loved this book.  And now, I want to give you some details that I think would have convinced me to pick it up sooner had someone presented them to me.  I understand that much of what makes this first book great is the plot reveals, the twists,  and all other matters of SPOILER...so we will not go into those. 

What better way to give you a feel for the novel than with fan art?  Right?  To DeviantArt!

What You Should Have Told Me To Get Me to Read Mistborn Book One Sooner


Kredik Shaw by Somnicide 


The Setting:

In this world, the mist comes out at night, terrifying the general masses.  But those that become accustomed to walking in the mist find that it cloaks them quite well.  There is nothing green in this world where the sky burns red and ash coats the ground. 

The Political Climate:

There is a race of beings called the Ska who are enslaved by the Aristocratic class.  The Aristocrats claim they are different from, and superior to, the Ska, but since the Ska appear to just be normal humans, and the Aristocrats appear to also just be normal humans (with the added potential to possibly manifest magical allomantic powers) are they really different?  There are other beings to learn about as well.

The Magic:

Allomancy is the main magic system in this world (however, others do exist).  With allomancy, metals are ingested and burned within the body to enact their properties and give superhuman abilities.  Allomancers are born, not made. 

The Characters:



Vin by Reiyeka


Vin has a story arch that includes all of everyone's favorites:

  1. Rags to Riches

  2. Thief to Lady

  3. Forever Alone to Surrounded by Friends

  4. The Chosen One

She is the both the only female, and the youngest major player.  This combination affords her a perspective, and story arch, that feels different from other characters of her kind.



 Mistborn: Kelsier by nuu


Kelsier is a criminal mastermind able to plot at a meta level.  His plan in its totality is inconceivable to those around him, even though they are a talented bunch.  There's a growing lore surrounding his backstory, which has propped him up as a folk hero.  He is charismatic and has super human Mistborn abilities, so he can both inspire and create change.

The Crew:


The Crew (unable to find origin) 


Outlaws with extraordinary ability working in extreme secrecy to overthrow the Lord Ruler.  This crew includes all of your favorites:

  • The charismatic guy, 

  • The strong guy,

  • The logistics guy, 

  • The smooth talking guy, 

  • The guy who is in over his head, 

  • The undercover guy, 

  • The knows how to do everything guy, 

  • The guy who lets them live in his house, 

  • And the young girl brought in because she has nowhere else to go.



Sazed by soyabeansoldier


Sazed is a being whose race was nearly hunted to extinction.  He is one of the very last of his kind and his whole entire existence is an utterly fascinating mystery.  It's great to get to find out more about him. 

The Aristocrats:


Mistborn: The Meeting by aimeezhou


As part of the plan, Vin goes undercover as an Aristocratic Lady to uncover information from behind enemy lines--but she, yah know, will find more than that.  The Ska see the Aristocrats as their enemy, obviously, because they have enslaved them.  But is it possible that some of them could be redeemed?

The Bad Guys:


 Mistborn inquisitor (commission) by ccornet 


The bad guys in this series are totally bad guys you would fear in real life.  Like how the dementors in Harry Potter sounded terrifying when you were younger, the Inquisitors in Mistborn have an equally cringe worthy affect on the reader.  Imagine those eyes staring back at you 0.o

The Fight / Action Sequences:


 Mistborn, Final Empire, by Brandson Sanderson by MarcSimonetti


The fight sequences read like an epic movie and jump right off the page.

The Revolution:


Yeden's armys by Kessant


Viva La Revolucion!  Who doesn't love to see people coming together to fight the power in a real big way?  The question is:  Will they succeed? 

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