Favorite Books I Want to Re-Read

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August 1st 2018

Topic: Favorite Books I want to Revisit

This T5W topic comes in perfect timing because recently I have been contemplating whether or not to do a marathon of re-reads.

Number 5

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

I really enjoyed this YA, Romantic, Military Fantasy when I first read it. I thought our main female protagonist was just the right amount of impulsive to keep forward momentum going in the story.

I thought our male romantic interest was fleshed out, yet still remained mysterious.

The timeless plot of lovers caught on different sides of a war was translated well into the YA category.

But this time around I would like to give it a re-read where I pay attention to how the familiarity was built between our lovers. I remember it being subtle, yet powerful & I would like to observe how Rutkoski managed to do it.


Number 4

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I only read HMC for the first time this past October. I enjoyed it at the time, but it also caught me so off guard that I feel it fogged up my brain's ability to fully appreciate it.

The first thing that surprised me was how long it was.

I went into it expecting a quick read, but at 429 pages of comprehensive storytelling, mysteries to figure out, hidden identities, and a liar of a wizard, it actually took me quite some time to reach the last page.

Also, I like many others I suspect, watched the Miyazaki movie previous to picking up the book, and they are different. While both are actually great in their own ways, my movie expectations did slightly impede my reading experience.

Lastly, after I finished HMC I went on to read more DWJ novels & have since discovered that I absolutely love her work. Therefore, I really want a re-read of Howl's.

The other DWJ books I read are:

  • House of Many Ways

  • Charmed Life

  • The Lives of Christopher Chant

  • Reflections on the Magic of Writing


Number 3

Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale

I wanted to re-read this book immediately after I finished it, but I refrained -- to read other, unread, books.

While I have an idea why I love this series I would like to go back into a re-read to get crystal clear on the exact reason.

And then craft a blog post that will convince others to read it too. Ever After High might be a toy franchise, Netflix series, money maker, but the novels are really good reads.

There's some cheesiness when it comes to the fairytale x pop culture slang used & the slight bias towards fashion *They sell dolls! They don't want you to forget!*

But everything else is extremely fine storytelling. Shannon Hale reworks old fairytales in fun modern ways, manifests magic school hilariousness & puts characters through some real soul searching.

Questions about whether to follow the destiny chosen for them? Or to strike out on their own?

Oh and they'll have to deal with the consequences. The roles they choose to play, or don't, in stories will affect the lives of others -- because like in the real world, nobody lives in a vacuum.

Does Snow White get her happily ever after if the evil witch doesn't want to poison her?


Number 2

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

One of my all time favorite books about some of my all time favorite characters & I've actually never done a proper re-read.

Honestly, I think I'm afraid of how it will go the second time around, already knowing everything that happens. But it's time to try.

I wonder how I will find the wordy writing style & the quirky behavior of the characters.

Will Ronan be more likable in book one knowing all that's going on with him? Will I still feel like Gansey is the greatest YA male character of all time?

We are supposedly getting a TV series & a continuation book series following Ronan, so it looks like a re-read will be necessary.


Number 1

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett

Another of my all time favorite book series, I first experienced as an audiobook.

It is a great audiobook, but I think that I would like to read it now, especially since I did buy all the books.

This series has so much to say about growing up, about community, about good people who do bad things, & bad people who do good things. About the neglected elderly, and prejudices, and fathers who shouldn't drink. About con-artists & how to gain real respect.

It might be a story about witches, but it disguises a story about human life & what it means to leave this world knowing you left it a better place. A message made all the more poignant by the fact that Terry Pratchett was dying at the time he wrote it.

I also recently bought copies of this book for two of my friends, so I would like to give it a read whenever they decide to pick it up for the first time.


Do you typically re-read books? How soon after the initial read?

Thanks for reading!


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