Characters I Would Want as Family

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September 7th 2016 Topic:

Characters You Would Want as Family

Number 5

Persephone Poldma -

The Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater

In all honesty, having any of the psychic ladies from 300 Fox Way as relatives would be awesome (except maybe Neeve) but by far the quirkiest of them all is Persephone.  Wouldn't she make the perfect eccentric aunt?  From her odd appearance to the strange things that come out of her mouth, I do not think there would ever be a dull moment.  

And of course, anyone who has read this series knows that Persephone is very loyal and giving to both her family and friends.

Number 4

Emily and Navin - 

Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi

If I were ever in the position to adopt some fictitious children, I think my first pick would be Emily and Navin from the Amulet graphic novel series.  These two kids are courageous and kind, and they happen to be handling their prophetic fate with wisdom beyond their years. 

While Emily battles with the demonic stone which gives her power, and Navin commands an army of rogues, their mom just hopes everything will turn out alright.  Yeah, it's one of those silly kind of stories, but in all the right ways.

Both kids clearly care about their mother, but they also care deeply for the fate of the world, their mysterious relative's dying wish, and the friends they have made along the way. 

Number 3

Avry of Kazan - 

Healer Series by Maria V. Snyder

Avry is extremely selfless, kick-ass, and devoted to family.  Whether related by blood, or by circumstance, Avry puts the needs of others above her own.  She would make a wonderful older sister. 

She is doing the hard work to make this world which was ravaged by plague a better place.  You could easily put your trust in her.  And I am sure that having a healer for a sister would come in handy as well.

Number 2

Lady Trent -

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan 

Lady Trent would probably make a fascinating grandmother.  By the time you came around to knowing her she would have already completed her many expiditions, learned plenty of life lessons, and turned the patriarchy of academia upside down.  

She would have made a great role model, as long as you were willing to learn from her mistakes.  And she would probably encourage you to forge your own path as well.  I think I would be very fond of her as a grandmother.

Number 1

Elias Ainsworth

The Ancient Magus' Bride by Kore Yamazaki

I don't think I would willingly sign myself up to become the Ancient Magus' Bride, but maybe the Ancient Magus' niece....that could be fun.  There would be plenty of opportunities to meet some very interesting magical folk and hear many years of magical history.

While eccentric uncle Elias would be a bit frightening, and extremely mysterious, he would probably be a wonderful member of the family--when he came around.  He seems to care for his young apprentice deeply, and he sees to it that she is educated, trained, and well kept. 

I'm sure he could extend some of that generosity to a niece of uncertain relations and unknown magical ability...right?

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