Anime Season Preview: Top 10 Releases for Fall 2016

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Originally I was worried that the anime releases for Fall 2016 had nothing to offer me.  At first, I saw a few sequels, and some sports anime, none of which appealed to me.  However, recently, I have changed my mind.

Below are the 10 shows (& 3 movies) that have caught my eye this season.  All have been added to my Anime To Watch List.  I do not plan to keep up with all of them during the season.  Some will inevitably have to be long-listed, but I will be sure to let you know which ones made the cut in a future wrap up.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

10. ClassicaLoid

Premiere: October 8. 2016

Studio: Sunrise and NHK

Genre: Comedy, Music

Famous classical musicians such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, appear at a school in a rural town to fight robot invaders from the stars with the power of music!--I think...

I am definitely going to watch the first episode of this zany looking comedy.  I assume the music will be epic.  If it is as colorful, and as ridiculous, as I am hoping it will be I will continue with the series.

9. Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku - Magical Girl Rising Project

Premiere: October 2, 2016

Studio: Lerche

Genre: Magical Girl, Supernatural, Action, Thriller

Ordinary Girls have the chance to become Magical Girls through the Magical Girl Rising Project, but one day, the project announces that in a particular district there are too many Magical Girls for the magical energy to support. 

The synopsis claims that it will twist and turn from a cute magical girl action to a murder survival game.  Ultimately, this anime will probably either be awesome or awful.  

I am a fan of the emotional ride that Madoka Magica took me on, and that is the reason I am interested in checking this anime with a similar concept out.

8. Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo"Shounen Tanteidan" yori - The Boy Detectives Club

Premiere: October 4, 2016

Studio: TMS Entertainment and Shin-Ei Animation

Genre: Mystery, Futuristic, Detective

This anime is an original story and seems to take place in a futuristic world where young adults, or teens, work as detectives to solve a mystery.  The main character gets to know an immortal boy, and as a result, is thrust into a complex world of mystery surrounding an infamous criminal.

The style of this anime has caught my eye.  Also, I have a soft spot for any stories where teens are treated as equals with adults, so the "Boy Detective" trope is a favorite.

7.  Occultic;Nine

Premiere: October 9, 2016

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Mystery, Scifi, Horror

Nine individuals are connected via an Occult blog run by a high school student.  Then spooky, mysterious, things happen.  I don't need any more information than that to be intrigued.

 6. Fune wo Amu - The Great Passage

Premiere: October 14, 2016

Studio: Zexces

Genre: Slice of Life, Work

The dictionary department of a publishing house seems like an archaic relic from the past.  A member of the sales department has been recruited to work on the latest dictionary, and one can only guess that they are not excited about it.

I am a sucker for anime or manga set in the publishing world.  It is a setting that I absolutely adore.  Since the plot of this is so quiet and simple, I am hoping for really engaging drama.  And really sweet interpersonal relationships.

5. Soushin shoujo Matoi - Matoi the Sacred Slayer

Premiere: October 4, 2016

Studio: White Fox

Genre: Magical Girl, Slice of Life

Magical girls at a shrine.  Two girls live ordinary simple lives in a small town until a mysterious attack happens.  Then they work to exorcise evil spirits.  I get vibes of the Morose Mononokean from this synopsis & I am excited.

4. Gi(a)rlish Number

Premiere: October 7, 2016

Studio: Diomedea

Genre: Slice of Life, Work

A story about a young professional girl trying to make it in the world of voice acting.  Our main character undergoes a rude awakening when her path to greatness proves not to be a straight route.  She will have to learn about working hard, and working with others.

The relate-ability is uncanny.  I'm hoping this will be funny and cute.

3. 3-Gatsu no Lion - March Comes in like a Lion

Premiere: October 8, 2016

Studio: Shaft

Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Seinen

A young professional shogi player is living on his own and struggling with the personal areas of his life.  At the same time, his success in professional shogi is starting to waver.  A family of three kind sisters welcome him into their home regularly and treat him like a member of the family.

I think this show has the potential to take a tragic turn, but I am willing to risk some serious emoting to find out.

2. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda - Kiss Him Not Me

Premiere: October 7, 2016

Studio: Brian's Base

Genre: Reverse Harem, Comedy, School, Shoujo, Romance

Our main character is a fujoshi, as well as, an ugly ducking who recently became a beautiful swan.  Her male classmates have taken notice, but she would rather ship them together than with herself.  I am expecting this show to be funny, with just the right amount of romance.  Something similar to Yamada kun and the Seven Witches.

I have a feeling this story will be better told as an anime than it was in manga.  Also, I usually enjoy shows created by the studio Brian's Base.

1.  Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Premiere: October 3, 2016

Studio: Doga Kobo

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

In this fantasy world, certain warriors are charged with protecting history from the revisionists who aim to change it forever.  They have the power to fill objects with a life force.  Maybe this will be happy Hakuoki?

This anime is based upon the collectible card browser game of the same name.

Most Anticipated Movie & OVA Releases 

of Fall 2016

Koe no Katachi Movie - A Silent Voice

Premiere: September 17, 2016

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Genre: School, Drama, Shounen

Based upon the immensely popular manga series, it seems like everyone was anticipating the release of this movie.  This is the story of a bully trying to redeem himself and the unlikely friendship he forms the the deaf girl whom he bullied.

Chain Chronicle Movie

Premiere: December 3, 2016

Studio: n/a

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Action, Adventure

Evil monsters ruin the peaceful life in a fantasy world where various Kings once ruled in harmony.  The anime is adapted from the mobile device RPG of the same name.  Even though I have found little information written about the plot of the anime, all preview clips of the animation look stunning.  And I have not watched a fantasy anime in quite a while.

There is both a movie release set, and a short series set.

The Ancient Magus' Bride OVA's

Premire: September 10, 2016

Studio: Wit Studio

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Dark

I was sad when I realized I would not be getting a full anime season for this beautiful manga adaptation. And then I was even more sad when I watched the first OVA and it ended just after 20 minutes. That being said, it is clear that the anime will tell this story in a different fashion, as it already started en midas res.

The setting and music is beautiful and the relationship between the Ancient Magus and his young Apprentice was adorable.  I think it would be worth it to watch this first OVA release, and then pick up the manga series, because you will be waiting a while for the rest of this story to be animated.

Thanks for reading!


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