Anime Review: Flying Witch (2016)

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Title: Flying Witch (2016)

Series: 12 Episodes | Complete 

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural 

Flying Witch just wrapped up its 12th episode this month (June 2016), and I cannot tell you how much I loved it.  This feel-good, Slice of Life, anime surrounding a teenage witch as she moves from the city to the country, is sure to please anyone looking for something serene. 

Makoto Kowata is fifteen.  Traditionally, at 15 years old, a witch is of age, and leaves their home to begin their professional career.  But in this modernizing world, being a witch is no longer the most reliable business.  

Therefore, Makoto moves in with her relatives in the country where she can both begin her training among nature, and still finish high school.

Even though this is a story about a witch in training, Makoto is not very skilled with magic.  Instead, she is a worryfree, kindhearted, slightly ditzy, high school girl, with a terrible sense of direction.

Luckily, her familiar, a black cat named Chito, and her older sister Akane, are around to help her out with her witchy skills.

This Series is a True Slice of Life

There is no large plot to this show.  It is episodic, with plot lines usually wrapping up by the end of each episode.  Characters do appear in multiple episodes down the line.  The theme of the show seems to be the everyday lives of magical folk living among non-magical folk. 

Many scenes involve the characters cooking and eating.

There is even an entire episode where the characters just follow one of the cats around town.

This Series is Tranquil 

Since the relatives Makoto stays with live on and operate a farm, there are many scenes which have to do with being out in nature.  

Whether they are weeding a plot of land for Makoto to begin growing her own vegetables, or they are out in a forest picking herbs, the characters constantly express their appreciation for the nature that is all around them.

The music is so beautiful.  It is simple, and happy, sometimes even juvenile sounding, but it has such a charming, calming effect, that one cannot help but feel totally relaxed while watching.  

Also, there are multiple scenes in which at least one character can be seen napping in the background.   

This Series is Family Oriented

The characters range from the young elementary school girl Chinatsu, to the teenagers Kei, Makoto, and Nao, to Makotos older sister Akane, and then there's the parents.  The entire family does many of the activities together. 

This Series is Humorous 

Many of the supernatural occurrences in this series have a humorous element to them.  For instance, the scene where Makoto shows Nao her gratitude by presenting her with a Mandrake and Nao doesn't want anything to do with it.

The season ends with the witchcraft potential really expanding. Theres a visit to a magical cafe and the discover of an ancient flying wale. Both hint there is a large world of witchcraft still out there for Mikoto to find.

I hope we will get another season of this one. In the meanwhile we can keep up with the story through manga. But I do think it shines better in anime form with the tranquil colors and soundtrack.

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