Anime First Impression: Charlotte 2015

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

First Impression: Very entertaining

Categorization: Supernatural, School drama

Plans to Watch: Keeping up with episodes as they come out

The first seven episodes of the new anime Charlotte (2015) are out now. While the plot is one you may have heard before, teenagers with supernatural abilities in a special school to protect them from evil scientific experimentation, there's something a little different going on here.

For one, all of the abilities appear to be flawed in some way, creating interesting predicaments for the bearers. The show is heavily character driven & the main protagonists are interesting enough to keep it moving. There were a couple of plot twists and outcomes which took me by surprise. I always appreciate a story which I cannot predict.

The pacing of the show has been episodic so far, with each episode having its own small arc.  The main conflict has still yet to be revealed, but there are many possibilities to speculate about at this time.

The animation is really clean and really lovely.  The colors during daytime are almost muted in tone, but then any landscape glows vibrantly. 

Especially the scenes integrating the night sky, which are stunning.  Including the opening.

 This anime gets pretty dark pretty fast, so there's still no telling where it is going to go. I definitely suggest you give it a watch.

What This Anime Has to Offer You (so far):

  • Flawed supernatural abilities

  • A main character who must learn to work with people

  • Friendship

  • Student Counsel President in Charge

  • Student Enforcement

  • A Pop Idol

  • Something bad that happens

  • Mad Scientist Boogeymen

  • Comedy

We'll have to see what happens next!

Thanks for reading!


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